A mealkit delivery service is a convenient and fun way to simplify cooking and meal planning while developing new skills in the kitchen. Like A Chef makes cooking dinner easier. Mostly pre-chopped ingredients and pre-portioned ingredients make cooking less intimidating and allow for even a novice home cook to put a great dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.

Here are a few things you will learn about when you try our meal subscription service:

Timing and Flow. Amateur chefs commonly struggle with timing. Simple-sounding dishes end up ruined when the rice is over cooked and steaks are overdone. That’s why we curate our recipes as simply as possible so you will know what to start first, what to leave for last and when you should multitask.

Kitchen Confidence.As you become more comfortable in the kitchen, you might find that you are ready to tackle more ambitious recipes on days when you have more time.

New Flavours. Finding yourself in a dinner rut is a common struggle that happens to everyone. It’s no fun eating the same thing over and over again, and by having fresh ingredients delivered, you will find yourself trying new ingredients (Like Plums in this week’s Taco’s!) Mealkits also teach you how to use a variety of spices you might not typically reach for (like Sumac in this week’s Fouttash Salad) .

Photo credit @thelittlehedonist

Nutritional value. We design our recipes to ensure that every meal is balanced, clean and nutrient-dense. As you try more meals, you will become familiar with healthy ingredients like the herb variants that keep popping up in our recipes. Knowing what is good for you will help you continue to make healthy choices beyond your weekly delivery.

Re-usable Recipes. As you cook along with our meal kits, you will find recipes you love and want to cook again, you can take the information on our recipe cards and make our meals over and over. We don’t use any hard-to-find ingredients, so no matter where you live, you will be able to source the ingredients needed to recreate your favourite Like A Chef meal.

Family Dinner. A family dinner habit is one that you will not regret forming. It creates a social time to get to know about your kids day. With a meal subscription service, you will learn to set aside time to sit and eat with your family and why not include the kids in the cooking process , the easy step by step recipes might even mean you could kick back and supervise the kids making dinner!!!

With the above benefits, along with Free Delivery to the greater Cape Town area, Meals with an average cost of R67 per person and full control of whether you order once off or subscribe how can you go wrong.