Like A Chef is a local, female owned culinary venture, one of the very few of its kind in Cape Town – and it has taken off with more and more people opting to have their weekly meals thought out and delivered to them.

Meal-kit delivery services are a fairly new concept in Cape Town. The likes of Blue Apron have been servicing international clients for quite some time. The concept is making cooking fun and family friendly, eliminating the hassle of sourcing and sectioning the ingredients one’s self.

This means no wastage. You cook what you need.

Meal-kit boxes include proportioned ingredients, along with step by step recipes that you can reuse at your leisure

Customers have full control over their orders and are welcomed to pause and resume their subscriptions at any stage.

So, who is it for?

Busy moms who want the opportunity to feed nutritious, tasty, well sourced meals, working couples who don’t have the time to always source fresh ingredients, and usually end up getting takeout!

Even just the average family benefit from the time and energy a service like this saves.

The seasoned cook, or even the inexperienced young adult can benefit from meal-kits! And many of our customers choose to involve their children in the cooking experience.

Started in 2018 by Jolin Judd, a self-proclaimed food enthusiast from the southern suburbs, Like A Chef offers a selection of Chef inspired gourmet and traditional recipes that fit different styles of cooks, as well as their pockets.

“I set out to expose people to different flavours, cooking techniques and introduce cooking as an experience and not a chore” says Jolin.

There are three types of meal kits that you can enjoy

Classic, which are well-balanced recipes for the whole family! Enjoy a combination of kid friendly & trendy recipes with a ‘like a chef’ twist. The recipes included in the ‘Classic’ box focus on meals that are delicious, but also intriguing for both adults and children. Usually a combination of recipes from around the world, the ‘Classic’ customer is someone who wants to experiment with a wide variety of flavours, while keeping the less adventurous pallets in the family satisfied too.

Foodie boxes are for those who are passionate about cooking! Foodies are even more passionate about eating. This option caters to the aspiring Chef who enjoys taking on more challenging dishes, intriguing ingredients and flavours. For the chef who likes to impress. This is where you will learn how to cook risotto’s, decadent sauces and experience a combination of ingredients that would never be thought to be paired but work?

Wholesome boxes are stacked with hearty meals like ‘Beef bangers and mash’ to ‘Vietnamese fish cakes’, this is the box that will remind you most of mom’s cooking.
Every Wednesday at 12pm, the menus change. Orders for Monday delivery have to be in, or customers miss out on the delectable treats that cycle.

Sourcing ethically , locally grown, seasonal produce is close to our hearts and plays a huge role in our product selection.