Like A Chef is now even more affordable, with a larger selection of ready to cook meals.

We took your feedback and we have delivered! Now, instead of four meals, we have minimized our boxes to three dinners.

Even more exciting, we have created a new, Pork Free range.

The reduced recipe per box change will allow us to package more efficiently; packaging each recipe individually so that YOU don’t have to sort and match your products to your recipes cards. The individual packaged recipes will use less individual packaging, for the most eco-friendly solution.

It will also allow customers the freedom to “skip” a day if they are not feeling up to the cooking challenge.

Our new prices are as follows:


Box: For Two People For Four People
Classic 630 860
Pork Free 630 860
Foodie 650 870
Wholesome 600 760

Classic and Pork Free boxes for two people are available at R630.

The couples Foodie boxes retail at R650, while our Wholesome meal-kit box is an affordable R600.

For families of four, Classic boxes are now only R860.

If you and your family prefer a pork Free box, you can grab it for the same price.

For R870, you can get your hands on our family Foodie boxes. Our Wholesome boxes are only R760.

Now there’s even more reason to treat you and your family to delicious, nutritious ready to cook meals.

At an average of R63 per meal per person, your meal-kit box is perfect for your budget. You choose the box which most suits your needs. With no obligation you can choose any box, at any time.

We deliver your meal kit box with fresh ingredients every Monday if you confirm your order before the cut-off date.

Like A chef delivers you daily dish, freshly prepared and ready to cook. Eliminate the schlep of day to day shopping and cook Like A Chef. We will send all the ingredients; and as you need them, you cook them.

First time orders are R100 off, so hurry. The clock is ticking.

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